Home Office Design Audit

Individual Consultation

Are you desiring some improvements for your home office or workspace? 
  • Do you need guidance on design decisions that will be¬†successful and cost-effective?
  • Are you finding daily challenges in your workflow, focus, or energy levels?
  • Do you want help selecting healthy materials and products?
  • Do you need guidance on space planning with constraints of existing conditions?
  • Are you hoping to improve¬†your workspace for better health and wellbeing?
  • Do you want to find ways to improve the environmental qualities of your home office?

Home Office Design Audit

The home office design audit is an individual consultation to obtain professional advice and guidance from a licensed architect, designer, and expert on workspace wellness. Receive guidance on design decisions with your home office no matter what your current setup or challenges are. Achieve improved health, wellbeing, and productivity when working from home.

Each consultation session is scheduled for 30-minutes. 

A brief intake form is required to be completed prior to holding the consultation session.

All consults will receive the following:

  • Detailed and specific discussion regarding your needs
  • Customized design suggestions
  • Guidance for¬†products and/or space layouts
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