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Aletheia Ida, PhD, RA

I am an architect, designer, and technologist. I am passionate about the aesthetic environment, human well-being, animals and nature. 

I am the Founding Principal and Owner of Aletheia Ida Design and Architecture, LLC. My goal is to make architectural design services accessible to everyone through unique products, tools, and networks. I believe that lives can be changed through good design and healthy living spaces.

During 25-years in practice as an architect, I have worked on all types of residential design projects - including multi-story high-end condominiums in New York City to single-family custom houses in Arizona. I have conducted housing assessments and strategic plans for state governments, worked with non-profits on group home renovations and remodels, and advised clients on material selections for home designs. I have experience with all phases of the architecture design and construction process. 

In addition, I have ten years teaching experience including my recent position as a tenured associate professor at an R-1 university. At the University of Arizona I was an affiliate faculty of the Institute for Place and Wellbeing, which is associated with Dr. Andrew Weil's Center for Integrative Medicine. I conduct ongoing research for emerging building technology design and material compositions, as well as design for health and well-being. I author papers and books and give presentations internationally on these topics. You can learn more about my research and design work at www.aletheiaida.design.

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Caring for the natural environment and its resources and living systems.


Empathy for the human condition and the impact of habitat on overall wellness.


Affordability and accessibility to good quality housing for everyone.