Healthy Home Workspace Guide


Get access to helpful guides and useful tools that will educate you on how to design for health and wellness, assist you in the design and construction process, and get you the results you desire with your home renovations and remodels. Guides are focused on concepts, technologies, and materials. Tools are made user-friendly and straight-forward for optimizing your progress and facilitating your process.

Home Technologies Guide

A Comparison Guide and Decision Checklist for Home Technologies

Learn about the different options you have for installing, replacing, or upgrading home technologies.  These include appliances, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) systems, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, security systems, and other home integration technologies. 

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Healthy Materials Guide

A Comparison Guide and Decision Checklist for Healthy Building Materials

Learn about healthy building materials and all of the options for exterior and interior products.  Be guided with a comparison framework for decision-making and a checklist for your own projects.

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Space-by-Space Design Guide

An Assessment Guide for Designing All Healthy Spaces in Your Home

Gather detailed information and insights about the different types of spaces and optimal environmental conditions for each space and function in your home.  Utilize the assessment checklist to develop and monitor your own design and renovation projects, space by space. 

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Design Guide Bundle

Complete Design Guides and Decision Checklists for a Healthy Home

Access all of the design guides and checklists for your home design projects. The bundle includes the Home Technologies Guide, Healthy Materials Guide, and the Space-by-Space Design Guide.  Get three for around the price of two!

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FREE Healthy HomeĀ Workspace Guide

Get a copy of the 5-step process for designing your home office or workspace for optimal health, wellbeing, productivity, and joy!

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